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All of our soaps have received Cosmetic Product Safety Report certification (CPSR) to ensure they are safe to be used on your beautiful skin.

Best Ingredients

Our products Are made with nature’s best ingredients

Luxury Moringa soap gift set - Nature's Rich Soaps
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The natural
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Our soaps are made using sustainably sourced ingredients and do not harm the environment.

Luxury soap gift sets

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
This exclusive selection of our finest handmade soaps, comes with a 100% organic body butter.
Quality Assured

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These are our favourite soaps.

Sea Moss and Activated Charcoal Soap
Sea Moss and Activated Charcoal Soap
Charcoal And Seamoss
Luxury Activated charcoal with Lemongrass oil - Nature's Rich Soaps
Luxury Activated Charcoal With Lemongrass Oil
charcoal and lemongrass
Luxury Moringa soap & Rosemary oil set - Nature's Rich Soaps
Luxury Moringa & Rosemary Oil Soap Set
Moringa & Rosemary Oil